How to Hate an All-Time Great

As far as me hating goes, there is LeBron James, and then there is everybody else. He might be a nice guy. His teammates seem to love him. His time on Team USA… Continue reading

Holiday Homerism Wishlist

The holidays are here. Merry Christmas! Finals are done, and I’m all yours for a month. No tests, no homework, no projects, nothing can keep me from churning out columns like it’s my… Continue reading

The Patriots, Act II

The New England Patriots are going to be tested. Their season has entered Act II. The whole has been setting up, building up for these two weeks for the Patriots. This is the… Continue reading

Why Alex Smith is Like Matt Saracen

Alright, homework, work, and final projects are keeping me from you guys. I’m sorry. This will be a lot easier when I’m doing this full-time. It can just be me and you. No… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Special: Wednesday Night Prediction Pick’Em Cornerback

Ok, this week has been hectic. To make it up to all of you, here is a Thanksgiving Special: Wednesday Night Prediction Pick’Em Cornerback. That’s right, all in one special with all the… Continue reading

Thursday Prediction Pick’Em: Week 11, Part I

The Dolphins and Bills both took tough losses last week. Ryan Tannehill had a bad week, and hasn’t looked to be in good form after his injury. They got blown out against the… Continue reading

Tuesday Night Cornerback: Week 10

The NFL is coming down the home stretch. Teams are losing players left and right. Concussions, injuries, key losses, and close calls are all taking its toll on every team. Teams are fighting… Continue reading

Thursday Prediction Pick’Em: Week 10

The presidential race is over. The race for the playoffs is just beginning. So, I’m making my picks this week, and the mailbag just wasn’t as full as I had hoped. Probably everyone… Continue reading

Tuesday Night Cornerback: Week 9

There might be more important things going on tonight, but some people (like my friends) don’t care who wins. So, it is up to me to entertain them as nothing good is on… Continue reading

What the Hell Ever Happened to Michael Cera?

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love Michael Cera and those who hate Michael Cera. As time has gone on, the number of people in the former group… Continue reading

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