Monthly Archive: January, 2013

Love Lost: The Superbaugh

These teams just don’t hate each other. I hear “no love lost” all the time. I have no clue what it means, but I always associate it with two teams that really don’t… Continue reading

1st Annual Don and Jerry’s Movie Awards

Welcome to the 1st annual Don and Jerry’s Movie Awards, and that’s what they are going to be called until I come up with a better name. Suggestions are welcome. So, without further… Continue reading

Conference Championship Thursday Prediction Pick’Em

NFL Championship Sunday is now just three days away. The 49ers have the new X-Factor in Colin Kaepernick, the Falcons and Matt Ryan finally got the playoff monkey off their back, the Ravens… Continue reading

Divisional Thursday Prediction Pick’Em

There were no upsets last weekend in the Wild Card round. Can we expect the same this weekend? I see some on the horizon, but there are so many storylines that could happen… Continue reading

Baseball’s Stall of Fame

The baseball writers threw a shutout today. Not one former player will be enshrined into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year, and the question I keep asking myself is why. The Baseball… Continue reading

“I Think You And I Are Destined To Do This Forever”: Robert Griffin III vs. Andrew Luck

This is just the beginning. By last night, RGIII and Andrew Luck had finished the first chapter of their NFL careers, and even though both came to an unsatisfying end, it was a… Continue reading

Guaranteed God

NFL. “Not For Long.” This is what Nick Saban has said the NFL stands for, and who can blame him. Seven coaches were fired on “Black Monday” this year, and six were fired… Continue reading

Wild Card Weekend Thursday Prediction Pick’Em

The second season begins on Saturday. Only eight teams make it into the playoffs. That means 24 fan bases are already miserable. Some have been that way all season. Only one team can… Continue reading

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