Monthly Archive: October, 2012

Tuesday Night Cornerback: Week 8

Basketball season is about to begin, and even though my attention will be on the Celtics tonight, this afternoon my heart and soul is in the NFL. The season is half over and… Continue reading

The Caring Case of Rajon Rondo

Winning over Boston sports fans isn’t hard. You don’t have to be the most talented player; you don’t have to win awards; hell, you don’t even need to win a bunch of championships.… Continue reading

Mailbag Edition: Friday Prediction Pick’Em: Week 8, Part II

Here is Part II. I am 0-1 already, so I’m looking to pick myself up this week and stop this losing streak. More importantly, I am going to try and pick every game… Continue reading

Mailbag Edition: Thursday Prediction Pick’Em: Week 8, Part I

So, this week’s picks will be another two-parter. This is a compromise and like any good marriage there have to be sacrifices. So, I am sacrificing studying for you my reader, and like… Continue reading

Tuesday Night Cornerback: Week 7

Football is like the waves of the ocean. Momentum carries so much power, that if things start going in one direction, it’s hard to change directions and get out of it. Plenty of… Continue reading

Batman Edition: Friday Prediction Pick’Em: Week 7

Everything is blurry. I’m sweaty, clammy, and cold. My throat aches, and I can’t breathe out of my nose. My whole body aches and exhaustion is setting in. My vision clears, and I… Continue reading

Tuesday Night Cornerback: Week 6

The only thing I’m sure of is that I’m not sure of anything. Teams have been so inconsistent, and it’s just maddening to see teams be good one week and then look horrendous… Continue reading

The Red Sox Nuclear Winter

What’s hidden in snow comes forth in the thaw. This is an old Swedish proverb that David Fincher used as the tag line for his American version of The Girl with the Dragon… Continue reading

Mailbag Edition: Thursday Prediction Pick’Em: Week 6

Thursdays come and Thursdays go, and I do this column guessing who wins and who loses. I want you, as readers, to be entertained. So, what will I do to change it up… Continue reading

Tuesday Night Cornerback: Week 5

Week 5. Some inspirational moments (Colts) and some not so inspirational moments (Chiefs’ fans) were the focus of the league this week as more teams begin to establish themselves and others show their… Continue reading

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